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Criminal Defense Practice Areas

State Crimes

We try cases and negotiate plea agreements in the following types of cases:

  • Violence: Murder; Manslaughter; Rape; Robbery; Mayhem; Assault and Battery (including Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Assault Causing Great Bodily Injury, and Simple Assault and Simple Battery); Attempted Murder; Vehicular Manslaughter, Domestic Violence, Child Molestation,
    Three Strikes Cases.
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  • Property: Arson; Burglary; Grand Theft; Grand Theft Person; Petty Theft; Trespass.

  • Morality: Child Pornography; Child Molestation; Statutory Rape; Drug Offenses, (including Possession, Possession For Sales, Manufacturing, Selling, Distributing Controlled Substances); Perjury; Prostitution.
  • Public Safety: Driving Under the Influence; Leaving the Scene; Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance.
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Federal Crimes

We try cases and negotiate plea agreements in the following types of cases:

  • Immigration & Naturalization Offenses: Illegal Entry & Re-Entry; Smuggling Undocumented Aliens.

  • Violence: Bank Robbery; Murder; Attempted Murder.

  • Morality: Cybercrime — Pornography; Transportation of Controlled Substances; Importation of Controlled Substances; Racketeering and Corruption Organizations Act (RICO).

  • Juvenile Crimes: We counsel parents and juveniles charged with delinquency. We also represent minors charged as adults.

  • Pre-Indictment Services: Prior to the filing of criminal charges, we provide advise and counsel to those under investigation, or to those who believe they may become the subject of a criminal investigation. We also attempt to block charges or negotiate a civil compromise prior to the initiation of a criminal complaint or indictment.